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otherpeoplesbiz's Journal

Other People's Business: the commentary.
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The commentary for Other People's Business, a webcomic.
Previous Episode: 4. The Dame In Fur
Current Episode: 5. 25 Lies
Next Episode: 6. Nature
c-o-h, cheerful doom-saying prophets, conspiracies a-go-go, danny alvarez, dying gods, fox maharassa, hilary donovan, leon ratterly, loves that haunt you, mercedes nieves, morris hathaway, murder most foul, no-face-has-he, oh mr. hathaway ♥, other people's business, pamplemousse the restaurant, righting wrongs, robbie ferreri, sid's collection of oddities, solving mysteries, the creed corporation, the golden prince, the songbird of eastern-europe, ynternational