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State of Other People's Business

Hallo, busybodies,

First off, thanks to everyone for your kind words. I still have some comments to catch up with, but I'm trying to reply to everyone, and I will get to those sooner rather than later.

So I've been thinking about OPB and what to do, and the short story is that I think I can't go on and am going to have to end it.

Let's talk about that. Collapse )So what do you think? Talk to me. Would you prefer one over the other?
Comics - Well yeah there's that I guess

State of the cartoonist update (now with bonus imaginary cookies!)

You'll notice there's no comic today, either. Hopefully next week will be different? Odds are 50/50, though.

There's a reason there's no comic today, and it's also the reason updates have been so spotty lately, and I'll talk to you about that behind the cut, where you can pretend we're sitting down for tea and cookies (the cookies can be vegan or gluten-free or loaded with candied bacon or however you like, because this is all in your ~*imagination*~) while I pour my heart out to you and possibly share more than I should.

If you don't want to hear the long story, allow me to summarize:

- Artist is having creative issues and personal issues.
- Burnout is imminent.
- Updates will be spotty until this is corrected.

For everyone else who is curious or just wants to gorge on imaginary cookies, I'll catch you behind the LJ-cut.

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So how're you today?
Comics - Yoo-hoo! <3

State of the cartoonist update

Hallo, busybodies,

Oh dear god, I am so sorry. I didn't realize I hadn't mentioned anything here or on the OPB tumblr. Hopefully you caught sight of my message on twitter and haven't been too worried.

Long story short: I'm going through some stuff with OPB, and real life is a bit hectic. I'm really getting into my new job, which is fun but like nothing I've ever done before, and I'm also getting used to my new home for now*. I'm also working on getting the new comic, Cat Sick, up and running by October 31, so that's got me a bit busy.

So here's what you can expect:
- An OPB page this Wednesday (or Thursday)
- I'll be telling you guys about Cat Sick a bit more here
- An OPB page next Wednesday, probably. 85% probability, let's say.

And schedule resuming as normal, hopefully, hehe. Cat Sick, for the record, is a bit darker but (I think) a whole lot funnier than OPB. The comic I've idly started planning to follow with after OPB ends is, however, possibly the lightest, fluffiest, most cheerful thing I've done. So those'll be a hell of a contrast when they're running together.

Hope you've all been taking care.

*And between you and me, strangers on the internet, wondering if this may be a good place to finally put down my roots.
F - :3

Commentary: Other People's Business, Issue 8, pg 4.

Good morning, busybodies! My to-do list is an intimidating two pages long today. How does that even happen? Good lord. Well, since "write and post commentary" is on that list, lets cross it off, shall we?

And as always, thank you guys for reading. I hope you're enjoying how the story is unfolding. :)


Issue 8, pg 04: The plot thickens.
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