Stan (crotalus_atrox) wrote in otherpeoplesbiz,

State of Other People's Business, January Edition

Hello, everyone!

Sorry for the radio silence. I've been busy with a few things, mostly moving. ("Jeez, Miss Stanley, why the heck do you move around so much?" I don't! Moving around was last year, when I was a rogue virologist! This year, I am a respectable businesswoman whose job position is permanent, so I'm really going to move just the one time and hopefully that will be it for at least a year.) Or trying to move, as the case may be. Apartment hunting here is a humiliating experience, akin to showing up in a cute dress to a fun party and then noticing everyone else is dressed in somber black and also it's actually a funeral, not a fun party at all, and apparently you have to give a speech? And other people are competing with you to see who can give the best speech, and you just are not prepared for any of it and still holding the brightly colored balloons you thought would be pretty spiffy.

But you do not care about my attempts to figure out where I can get a trustworthy, non-sharky realtor. (edit - Well, yes, okay, you care about that, as well, and I am appreciative, but let's talk about comics, instead:) You care about finding out what happens with our intrepid crew and our dastardly villains! And here's where that stands:

:: If all goes well, I'll have the issue 9 summary finished by the end of January.
:: I need to send the issue 8 file to my webmaster so it can be uploaded to the site. Will do that by the end of this week, hopefully.
:: I have comments to reply to, so many comments. Oh dear. I will try to get on that, and while I read them all and hold them close to my heart, I can't always answer in the same week or…the same month, apparently. :( But I've read them, and thank you for leaving them. You're all really, really sweet.
:: Cat Sick progresses slower than I want it to, mostly because I want to open with at least 15 pages. I originally wanted to open it up in Sept or Oct of last year, but now it may be around February. Sheesh. I have ~7 pages done, if you're curious.
:: Me, I am doing a bit better, healthwise, though I'm definitely not recovered.

And that's it, I think! Have a great day. :)

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