Stan (crotalus_atrox) wrote in otherpeoplesbiz,

Cat Sick: a comic about artistic integrity.

I've been talking about Cat Sick for awhile. Originally, I meant to start it in September, but then there was work and moving and mental unhappiness issues, so now it looks like I'll start it up in January.

So what is it? Aside from sounding like either an excess of felines or felines that are feeling under the weather (or god help you, both), it is the title of my next comic. It will update maybe once a month with a few pages comprising an episode. Maybe more, depending. The first update will have a good five episodes.

Why purposefully go with a name that will doubtlessly turn off several readers in disgust? Well, it’s relevant to the story.

Meet Rose Cisneros, age 5. Her brother Alex tells her stories, and her favorites are about a character whose name she can’t pronounce correctly. Rose says it “Cat Sick,” Alex writes it “Kaxxik.”

Now twenty years later, Rose is worried about Alex. He’s not doing well.

In fact, Alex isn’t doing well in the clinical sense, if you catch my drift. He’s had something he loved very much taken away from him, and he’s not coping well. He’s hurt and angry, and more than a little freaked out by how the people around him have started dropping like flies. Either Alex has had a psychotic break, or he has called into being something that shouldn’t exist, something bloodthirsty and nasty and cruel, something that his sister used to call Cat Sick.

…it’s a comedy.

Q. Is this comic about you?
A. Dear God, no.

Q. Is this comic about anyone else?
A. Dear God, I hope not.

Q. So what is it about?
Well, this comic is not about how writing is magic, how writers are very important, how writing changes the world, how writing is a Calling, how writing turns things real, how Story is immortal, how Story is the most important thing, anything of that flavor. Many many others have already told that story, and there's nothing wrong with that story, but this is definitely not what this is about.

It is about one individual's relationship with his story and how that story is perceived by other people. It's also about doing right by your siblings and learning to not be a dick. In some ways, it's about coming to terms with your sexuality, but those ways would be classified less as "good example" and more as "terrible warning."

Honestly, it's a bit of a selfish story. I wrote it to amuse my very dark, very horrible, inappropriate sense of humor. It fits my scratchy, harsh b&w art style better than anything else I've done, I think, and I've been working hard on the art. I'm pretty proud of it; it's some of the best work I've done. I definitely think it's the funniest thing I've written.

I really hope you guys like it, though I'm aware that it's not going to be to everyone's taste.

What's a little odd is that I've always been about balance - so now that I've got something really dark, my head provides a story that is almost ridiculously light and fluffy and brightly colored to counteract that. I'm still working on that one, and doubt it'll be ready before the spring of next year at the earliest, maybe closer to fall, but it's called Abernathy Quad and is about monstrous teenagers in college. Less the "that man steals from orphans" monstrous and more "hey, it's that dude with tentacles - didn't you used to date him?" monstrous. Basically, if Cat Sick is too dark for you, you might like Abernathy Quad instead.

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