Stan (crotalus_atrox) wrote in otherpeoplesbiz,

OPB status update

Hello, busybodies,

So, a quick ETA of where we are:

- I just finished summarizing the rest of issue 8. It'll not be as info-dump-y as future issue summaries, mostly because I'd already started the process of converting it into a proper script before I realized "that will also take me ages." So hopefully that'll be posted next week. As mentioned before, it'll be posted both on the OPB website in downloadable form and on here.

- I definitely won't finish summarizing the comic by the end of the year. Ah ha ha, how naïve I was.

- This LJ will always have the most up to date status / information about the comic, so drop by if you're wondering how things are going.

- So what comes after OPB? Two things, actually. I'm working on a new comic, Cat Sick, that should debut at the start of December. I'll tell you more about it soon, possibly later this week or early next week, so you'll know why I chose such a ridiculous title. Additionally, I'm working on something that'll start up some time next year that is ridiculously brightly colored and fluffy; I'll be working with a friend to ensure that it is, in fact, brightly colored. It's meant to be the mirror of Cat Sick in more ways than one, and having them running alongside each other feels right. A "dark day to my bright night," sort of thing.

I hope you're doing well! Take care, folks.

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