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Other People's Business: Issue 7, pg. 32

Good morning, my darling busybodies, and apologies for flaking out last week. Please accept some heartwarming heartwarmth in today's comic as an apology.

As a better apology, the pencils for the next page are done, and hopefully by tomorrow I'll have it inked and ready for you to see this very Friday. Only two days from now! Hilary's triumphant return in her muscle car! Danny gritting her teeth and being an adult! It's all less exciting than the exclamation points make it appear!

Issue 7, pg 32: Danny changes her mind.

∷ Family never lets you live that sort of thing down, do they, Efrén?
∷ Don't forget, Danny was originally planning on begging him to let her stay with him for awhile. So don't make him feel too guilty there, Danny.
∷ Efrén would consider a lot of things to fall under 'sordid.' He's a bit sheltered, poor shaggy-haired thing.
∷ Previews! Well, this Friday will have (as promised) Hilary's brief return. Also, I return to using backgrounds.
Next week, we'll have Danny feeling slightly intimidated and outright lying.

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