January 28th, 2011

Comics - Winter kept us warm.

Apology / Links

Hi, everyone. No comic today. :( Sorry about that. The dialogue wasn't sticking the way it was supposed to, so I figured it was better to take the day off to poke at it for awhile. Apologies!

In the meantime, you can rummage through my drawing a day gallery, if you like. The art's not very good, but the point is to try to draw at least one thing on the days I'm not working on the comic. Contains a few Inception-based doodles and several drawings of a monster-disguised-as-a-lady, Timothea. [There's also the Inception fanart gallery, if you're into that sort of thing.]

Thank you also for the kind things you've said in the last post. I'll be taking the time out this weekend to reply to everyone.

Have a great day, and thanks for being the best readers a cartoonist could ever ask for. :)